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30 Food Business Ideas

30 Food Business Ideas

The importance of food is known by all and it cannot be underplayed. Food is something that will never go out of style and is, one the things that give people a much-revered sense of nostalgia, for example, won’t you always remember the taste of your mother’s cooking or the taste of your favorite dish at a restaurant?

Due to the cultural diversity present in India, there is a lot of scope and ideas to play with when thinking of launching your own food business. The food you serve plays an important role in the customer's life as it plays the part of cultural representation and also directly affects their physical health. Here we have unfolded some of the top 30 food business ideas that one should look at.

Food Business Ideas in India

The business of food in India will always be very relevant and lucrative. When in the planning stages of launching a business model around food there are many things to choose from regarding cuisine, clientele, ambiance, location, etc.

The following are some ideas for food business in India

  1. Restaurant- This is one of the most versatile ideas in the food business. You can make your restaurant different by choosing unique cuisines, décor, location, etc. Demerits are that it requires large investments and extensive planning, it also takes a lot of time to garner a steady clientele and turn a profit. Catering- This a lucrative business if done right. It saves cost on location because it only requires a large kitchen and no seating space. One of the demerits is that it’s a very staff-extensive business.

  2. Ice-cream parlour- Ice-cream is forever favourite with both adults and children. There are a few ways to go about this business. You can either be the manufacturer, supplier or distributor of the product depending on the amount of capital investment you’re ready to make. Food kiosk- You can start a small kiosk or stall in popular crowded places like malls, shopping centers, supermarkets, etc. This needs very little investment and is a good way to advertise your products as well.

  3. Papad/ Pickle making- This acts as a small-scale business that requires low investment and can be conducted from home. Other things which can be produced this way are chocolates and jelly.

  4. Grocery/ Vegetable market- This can be a labor-intensive and high investment depending on the scale of the business. Before investing in the grocery store pitch, it is important to research it and talk to other suppliers and vendors. The vegetable market can be either retail or wholesale depending on the investment available.

  5. Delivery- The demand for an efficient delivery system is increasing day by day, whether it be for food groceries or vegetables. This business will be labour-intensive but a low investment. You can deliver products to a larger or smaller radius depending on the funding.

  6. Coffee shop/ café- This is a very flexible low investment business idea. A lot of students and working professionals prefer to have coffee to power through their day and its popularity is thus increasing. One tip would be to have the place of business near a university, college, or office area.

  7. Fast food- Fast food has had increasing popularity during the last few years and its demand is increasing. This business will also flourish if it's near a school or college.

  8. Organic food- As people are getting more aware of their health and are taking care of it, the demand for organic ingredients is increasing. You can either open a store exclusively selling organic ingredients or a restaurant that only uses organic materials.

  9. Juice center- This type of business requires low investment can be set up in a small area and earns very high profits. It will do well regardless of the location.

  10. Cooking/ Baking classes- Knowing the basics of cooking is a necessity in today’s times. Many also consider taking cooking or baking classes together as a relationship-strengthening exercise. This requires moderate to high-level investment.

  11. Food Truck- Food trucks have recently started gaining popularity in India. It is a very new and unconventional idea in the food industry. It requires moderate investment and is not labor intensive.

  12. Bakery- This is a very adaptable idea depending on the funding in hand. You can manage a bakery for only essentials like bread, cookies, biscuits, etc or an extravagant bakery selling made-to-order cakes for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, etc.

  13. Meat/ Fish farm- India has a high demand for meat in most states. Although it requires a lot of investment the profit margin is very high, which makes the business lucrative.

  14. Ready-to-eat meals- In today’s fast life the demand for quick and easy to make ready-made meals is exponentially increasing. Starting this business right now is good as the market is open right now but is expected to be a very competitive one in a few years. Combining the essence of home-cooked meals with the convenience of ready-to-eat meals is the best way to approach this business.

  15. Special Diet foods- This type of business will supply food and ingredients that about a particular type of diet, for example; Vegan food, Gluten-free food etc. It can also provide the food which is required for people suffering from diseases like diabetes or blood pressure problems etc.

  16. Chef/ Cook- Being a chef in a prestigious hotel or some family’s chef is gaining a lot of popularity. One can join special cooking schools where they teach the tricks of the trade. As a business, you can start an agency with a pool of chefs who can be hired on demand.

  17. Pet food- The number of pet owners in India is increasing, and their pets are precious and unique. Foreign breeds often have different eating habits, thus opening a food service catering to their special needs can be a new and lucrative business.

  18. Restaurant suppliers- Restaurants and hotels need a large supply of raw ingredients in bulk daily. Becoming a supplier for them will be a lucrative business. It will be expensive to set up as hotels will only demand very high-quality ingredients which will be hard to procure, not to mention expensive.

  19. Canteen service- A canteen or cafeteria in colleges, schools, offices, and malls is an excellent food business idea. You will always have a never-ending line of customers from various stratas of society as long as you keep the prices reasonable. It is a labor and investment option and also requires a large area.

  20. Spices- This is an extremely low-investment business idea and can be conducted from the comfort of your own home. On a large scale, it can be labor intensive.

  21. Dairy food- The dairy industry has been one of the oldest food-related businesses. It can be very labor-intensive and require a lot of investment depending on the scale of the business. But over time it can prove to be a very lucrative business.

  22. Vegan food- Due to the increasing animal cruelty in the food industry many people choose to go vegan. Opening a restaurant catering to their specific diet will be popular. It will not need a lot of investment either.

  23. Farmers market- Setting up a farmer’s market attracts the local farmers to directly sell their products to the health-conscious public without the meddling of middlemen. This is a great way into the food business from where one can branch into other channels.

  24. Baby food- Responsible parents will always be on the lookout for healthy, nutritious, preservative-free food for their babies. Catering to these needs is a noble and lucrative business. Tea shop- India is home to many tea lovers, whether it be a simple cup of tea or a rare one from halfway across the world, a tea shop brings everything together. Creating a warm and friendly environment is always attractive in such establishments. This is a low investment and not a labor-intensive business idea and can be grown into a big brand depending on its success.

  25. Bar- A bar is a combination of liquor and food. Adding some great music or a dance floor increases its charm. It is a high investment option and requires area. Nutritionist- Many people tend to follow trends online to lose weight or become healthy but end up doing more harm than good. Being a well-educated nutritionist with experience with diets and food is a great business in current times.

  26. Sweet shop- Old is gold and traditional Indian sweets will always be a crowd favorite. This does not require a lot of funding and can be adapted to both a small-scale and large-scale business.

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As you went through the top 30 food business ideas in India. Choose wisely your food business which can fulfill all your dreams. Regardless of the business, you choose to pursue it is essential to remember that if the business has to do with food one has to have a Food License Registration from FSSAI for their food business to be legal. To get a Food License simply visit our site FSSAI registration website, to get registered through a quick, easy, hassle-free, and user-friendly process. And get your FSSAI License in just a few working days.

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