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Tatkal FSSAI Registration

Tatkal FSSAI Registration is a special service that helps food businesses get their FSSAI license quickly. This license is essential for ensuring food safety standards are met. The Tatkal service is designed to speed up the usual process, so businesses can start operating faster without delays. It's especially useful for businesses that need to meet urgent deadlines or start selling food products right away.

Who Should Opt for Tatkal FSSAI Registration?

Tatkal FSSAI Registration is ideal for small to medium-sized FBOs such as food manufacturers, processors, transporters, and distributors who require immediate authorization to commence their food business operations. It is particularly beneficial for startups and businesses with urgent operational needs.

Documents Required for Tatkal FSSAI Registration

Tatkal FSSAI Registration is designed for the quick processing of FSSAI licenses, essential for food businesses in India. Here's a comprehensive list of documents typically required:

Identity Proof:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • PAN Card
  • Passport

Address Proof:

  • Electricity Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Telephone Bill
  • Lease Agreement (if applicable)

Business Address Proof:

  • Rental Agreement (if rented premises)
  • Ownership Proof or Possession Letter (if owned premises)
  • Utility Bills of the Premises (Electricity/Water/Telephone)

Food Safety Management Plan:

  • Description of Food Products to be handled
  • Details of Food Processing Methods
  • Source of Raw Materials used in food production
  • Storage Conditions for Food Products

Form-A Declaration:

This form includes basic details about the business entity such as name, address, type of food business, etc. It must be signed by the proprietor, partner, or authorized signatory.

Incorporation Certificate or Partnership Deed (for companies and partnerships):

  • Certificate of Incorporation (for companies)
  • Partnership Deed (for partnerships)

List of Directors or Partners (for companies and partnerships):

Names and Addresses of Directors or Partners

Photo ID and Address Proof of Directors or Partners:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card

Authority Letter:

If the application is submitted by an authorized signatory on behalf of the business entity, an authority letter authorizing the signatory to submit and follow up on the application is required.

No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the manufacturer (if applicable):

If the applicant is involved in repacking or relabeling of products sourced from another manufacturer, a NOC from the manufacturer is necessary.

Additional Documents:

Any other documents specified by the FSSAI or required based on the nature of the food business.

Eligibility Criteria for Tatkal Fssai Registration

The eligibility criteria for Tatkal FSSAI Registration typically include the following:

Business Type:

Any food business operator (FBO) involved in manufacturing, processing, packaging, distributing, and selling food products is eligible.

Annual Turnover:

For some categories of FSSAI registration, there may be specific turnover limits. Tatkal registration is often suitable for businesses needing expedited licensing irrespective of turnover.


The business must comply with all relevant food safety and hygiene regulations specified by the FSSAI.


All required documents must be accurately prepared and submitted as per FSSAI guidelines.

No Prior Rejection:

The applicant should not have faced previous rejections or cancellations of FSSAI licenses without due compliance.

Clearance from Authorities:

Businesses should not be under any investigation or litigation related to food safety issues.

Benefits of Tatkal Fssai Registration

  1. Quick Approval Process:
  2. Applications under Tatkal FSSAI Registration are processed much faster compared to regular registrations, typically within a few days. This allows businesses to start operations promptly without unnecessary delays.

  3. Immediate Commencement of Operations:
  4. With Tatkal FSSAI Registration, FBOs can obtain their registration certificate quickly, enabling them to begin manufacturing, processing, distributing, or selling food products immediately after receiving approval.

  5. Compliance with Legal Requirements:
  6. FSSAI registration is mandatory for all food businesses in India. Tatkal registration ensures that businesses comply with this legal requirement swiftly, avoiding penalties or legal issues due to non-compliance.

  7. Enhanced Consumer Trust:
  8. Having a valid FSSAI registration, obtained through Tatkal or otherwise, enhances consumer confidence in the safety and quality of the food products offered by the business. It demonstrates adherence to food safety standards mandated by the government.

  9. Market Access and Credibility:
  10. FBOs with Tatkal FSSAI Registration are eligible to participate in government tenders and contracts, which often require proof of compliance with food safety regulations. It also enhances the marketability and credibility of the business among consumers, suppliers, and partners.

  11. Streamlined Application Process:
  12. The Tatkal FSSAI Registration process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, with simplified documentation requirements. This reduces administrative burden and ensures a smooth application experience for FBOs.

  13. Flexibility in Certificate Validity:
  14. FBOs can choose the validity period of their FSSAI registration certificate under Tatkal, ranging from one to five years. This provides flexibility in aligning registration renewal schedules with business planning and operational needs.

  15. Support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs):
  16. Tatkal FSSAI Registration particularly benefits SMEs and startups by facilitating quicker entry into the food business sector, thereby promoting entrepreneurship and economic growth.

How To Apply For Tatkal FSSAI Registration?

To Apply for Tatkal FSSAI Registration typically follow these steps:

Visit the Website: Go to the Tatkal FSSAI registration i.e. "". Fill Out the Form: You'll need to fill out an online form with details such as your name, contact information, business details (like name and address of the business), type of business entity, and other required information.

Submit the Application: Ensure all information is accurate and complete before submission.

Payment: Pay the Tatkal FSSAI registration fee online through the payment gateway provided on the website. The fee amount may vary based on the type and scale of your business.

Review and Confirmation: Review all the details submitted after submission and payment. You may receive a confirmation email or message acknowledging your application.

Processing: The website administrators will process your application. This may involve the verification of documents and information provided.

Receive Registration Certificate: Upon successful processing, you will receive your Tatkal FSSAI registration certificate digitally, which you can download from the website.

Validity: The validity of the Tatkal FSSAI registration will depend on the type of registration applied for (usually 1 to 5 years). Ensure to renew it before expiry to maintain compliance.

Compliance: Once registered, ensure ongoing compliance with FSSAI regulations regarding food safety and hygiene standards.

How Tatkal FSSAI Registration Helps Your Business

Quick Approval: Tatkal FSSAI Registration prioritizes your application, ensuring faster approval than the standard process. This means you can get your FSSAI license in a shorter time frame, sometimes within a few days.

Urgent Compliance: If your business needs to comply with FSSAI regulations urgently, Tatkal registration is the best choice. It helps you avoid delays in starting your food business operations.

Streamlined Process: The application process for Tatkal FSSAI Registration is straightforward. You fill out an online form, submit necessary documents like identity proof and food safety management plans, and make the payment online.

Expert Support: Websites like provide guidance and assistance throughout the registration process. This ensures that your application is accurate and complete, reducing the chances of rejection or delays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Tatkal Fssai Registration

What is Tatkal FSSAI Registration?

Tatkal FSSAI Registration is an expedited process offered by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for quick issuance of FSSAI registration certificate.

Who can apply for Tatkal FSSAI Registration?

Small and medium-sized food businesses that need quick FSSAI registration can opt for Tatkal registration.

What are the benefits of Tatkal FSSAI Registration?

* Faster processing time compared to regular registration. * Quick issuance of FSSAI license, which is mandatory for food businesses in India.

How long does it take to get Tatkal FSSAI Registration?

Typically, Tatkal FSSAI Registration can be processed within 7-10 working days, subject to submission of all required documents and verification.

What documents are required for Tatkal FSSAI Registration?

Documents generally include identity and address proof, proof of business premises, a list of food products, and other relevant licenses.

Is Tatkal FSSAI Registration more expensive than regular registration?

Yes, Tatkal registration may involve higher fees compared to regular registration due to the expedited processing.

Can I upgrade from Tatkal Registration to a regular FSSAI license later?

Yes, once you receive your Tatkal FSSAI Registration, you can apply for conversion to a regular FSSAI license if needed.

Where can I apply for Tatkal FSSAI Registration?

You can apply for Tatkal FSSAI Registration through authorized service providers or directly through the FSSAI portal i.e.


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