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FSSAI License

FSSAI Licence Online Registration in India

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. Under the Ministry of Health, FSSAI is an autonomous body. FSSAI Registration is mandatory for any individual or organization eligible for the FSSAI Registration or License for Food Protection. The task of each Food Business Operator is to maintain food quality standards to ensure safety and to provide satisfaction for every customer. In the formulation of control procedures, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI Registration) plays an important role.

So today in this blog article we will guide you complete process of fssai registration online in India. Just read the full blog article for a better understanding.

What is FSSAI?

It is a government agency that audits the food industry or food producers whether or not their goods are healthy for customers. Before moving to the general people, it ensures that the food product should go through a quality check.

The Indian Government, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and the Food Safety and Quality Act of 2006 control the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

Types of FSSAI Registration In India

There are three types of FSSAI license registration currently running in India:

  1. Basic FSSAI registration: The basic registration is required for Food Business Operators (FBO) whose annual turnover is below Rs 12 Lakhs. It is simply called enrollment. This registration is usually acceptable for small food firms, such as small farmers, distributors, etc.

  2. FSSAI State License Registration: Food business Operator whose annual turnover is more than Rs 12 Lakhs but not more than Rs 20 crore is required to register for an FSSAI State License. In general, it is ideal for medium-sized food firms, such as restaurants, picture halls, large producers, etc.

  3. FSSAI Central License Registration: The Central FSSAI License Registration is required for food business operators whose annual turnover exceeds Rs 20 crore. This registration is usually acceptable for large food enterprises, such as companies processing food, distributors, etc.

FSSAI Registration Eligibility

Applicability Central Licence State Licence Basic Registration
Annual Turnover More than Rs 20 Crore More than Rs 12 Lakh but less than Rs 20 crore Up to Rs 12 Lakh
Maximum Period 555
Minimum Period 111
Other Condition Having a business in more than 1 state Having Business within the state Having Business within the state

Process for FSSAI Registration

To obtain the FSSAI license for your business, follow the procedure below:

  • STEP 1: Visit our registration page of the FSSAI license.

  • STEP 2: Fill in all the details in the food license form.

  • STEP 3: Upload the document and select the period for validity.

  • STEP 4: For your food license application, make an online payment.

  • STEP 5: Within a few working days, you will obtain the FSSAI certificate at your registered email address.

Documents Needed

When filling in the FSSAI license form, search the following documents that you will need:

  • PAN card for Business

  • Adhaar card / Voter ID card / Driving License / Etc. Proof of identification.

  • Proof of company address (Rent Agreement / NOC / Bill of Water & Energy / Etc).

  • Copy of any certificate of any government registration.

Why Choose Us?

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