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FSSAI Licence Renewal

FSSAI Licence Renewal

Ever wondered about the validity of your FSSAI Licence? Or check your license and find out that it was about to expire?
No, need to panic, as an FSSAI Licence can be renewed.

The FSSAI license is the single most important license required for India's food business operators. Issued by the FSSAI, Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, this license is essential to carry out a food business. This license is also required for all eligible food operators such as manufacturers, storage agencies, transporters, dealers, and distributors.

An FSSAI Licence can be valid for 1-5 years, depending upon the purchase period.

A food business operator can opt for a certain kind of FSSAI Licence depending upon their business's annual turnover:

  1. Basic FSSAI License- When the annual turnover is less than 12 lakhs.
  2. Renewal for State FSSAI Licence- When the annual turnover ranges between 12-20 lakhs.
  3. Renewal for Central FSSAI License- When the annual turnover is higher than 20 crores.

Necessity for Renewal

As mentioned above, a food/FSSAI license is valid for 1-5 years depending on the Food Business Operator’s (FBO) purchase period. Once a license approaches the date of expiration, an FBO will need to apply for its renewal 30 days before expiry. Failing to follow this criterion, the FBO will be charged a fine of Rs.100 for each day of delay beginning from the date of expiry, until they renew the license.

Benefits of FSSAI Renewal

  • An FSSAI-registered food business instills confidence in consumers who are looking to buy your food product and trust your business with the spirit of goodwill.

  • A renewal guarantees re-inspection and re-examination of the business by FSSAI through legal proceedings. When this is done, only then can the application proceed for renewal.

  • A new concept gets introduced that strengthens safety standards and allows it to meet the benchmark of international organizations, through the FSSA Act.

  • Holding a license can make you go for business expansion with a relaxed state of mind. This helps in upgrading to a State or Central license.

Apply for FSSAI Licence Renewal

  1. Visit the FSSAI License website.

  2. Select the Renewal Food License option on the website home-page

  3. Fill in all the required details including details regarding your existing license. If you feel the need to upgrade to a different license, mention that as well.

  4. Submit your application and make the required payment.

  5. After payment, our executives and process your application.

  6. Once that is done your FSSAI Licence will be sent to you in your registered email.

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