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FSSAI License Benefits in India

FSSAI License Certificate

FSSAI Registration - Quickly receive your food licence certificate online.

You can read about the FSSAI License certificate here in this article.

FSSAI stands for India's Authority for Food Safety and Standards. It is an independent entity that is part of the Health & Family Welfare Ministry. It is focusing on food safety and Indian laws. In order to run a company in India, all food business operators are required to obtain an FSSAI license.

How To Get An Online FSSAI License

There are three types of Basic, Central, and State FSSAI Licenses. Under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, any food company shall apply for an FSSAI License. allows you to register in 3 easy ways for an FSSAI license.

Step 1: We verify and check documents such as Form B, collaborator list, schedule of the processing plant, list of food categories, NOC

Step 2: We process your FSSAI application

Step 3: You get the FSSAI License at your email and benefit from legal advantages, goodwill, and market awareness.

Apply for FSSAI Safety License. Filing FSSAI on the Same Day. Any Food Related Business.

Click here to apply for an FSSAI certificate.

Get an FSSAI license in only 4 easy steps in the fastest way possible with professional assistance from -

  1. Guidance on choosing forms of food license

  2. Verifying the identification papers for the FSSAI

  3. Filing your FSSAI submission online

  4. FSSAI food licence acquisition

Significance of the FSSAI License Certificate

FSSAI License Benefits in India

Let us understand all the printed category, one by one of the FSSAI License certificate.

Registration Number

A State Code and identification will be contained with a 14-digit food license.

FSSAI License Benefits in India

A mark must be on any food box. This FSSAI mark should be mandatory:

  • The FSSAI logo
  • FSSAI License registration number

Name and permanent address of Food Business Operator (FBO)

It defines the business name and complete address of the business. Any undertaking, whether private or public, for-profit or not, engaged in any activity relating to any level of manufacturing, production, packing, storage, transportation, distribution of foodstuffs, imports, and food services, selling of foodstuffs or food products, including foodstuffs, their business name, and address of food business operation will be mentioned.

Address of the location where food business is to be conducted / premises

Here is the address of the food business, where handling foodstuff or working location. It is the address of the location of a cooking, manufacturing, or foodservice establishment.

Kind of Business

Kind of Food Businesses that comes under state and central licensing. Food License is granted on the State and Central level. Manufacturer, Repacker, Manufacturer, Dealer, Seller, Marketer, Importer, Exporter, Ecommerce, Wholesaler, Hotel, Canteen, Mess, Food vending establishment, Food vending companies, Petty Retailer for Tea and Snacks are separate kinds of food business enterprises.

Photo Identity Card

Photo Identity Card is a photo Id issued by Government recognized department, which acceptable documents as proof of identity and proof of address for the General Public in India. Its is a photo ID is an identity document that includes a photograph of the holder, usually only their face.

Some of the acceptable photo Identity cards are

  1. Aadhaar Card/e-Aadhaar letters downloaded from the UIDAI website.

  2. PAN Card

  3. Voter ID Card


It is the city/town name located in India, where the business is conducted or fuctioning.

Date of Issues

It is the date on which an FSSAI certificate is issued. It is a significant guide since it makes it easier for us to know whether or not the certificate is legitimate.

Period of Validity

The period of time over which the FSSAI License would consider acceptable. The license is granted for a term of 1 year or 5 years, so the organization must file for renewal 30 days before the existing license expires. It is an important reference as it allows anyone to know if the license is valid or not.

Grant / Renewal date

It is the registration date or the renewal date for the Food License FSSAI certificate. It will be mentioned in this format example. 01/12/1998 (day/month/year)

Period of validity

It specifies the period of the FSSAI license certificate, in terms of years (in numerical format in between 1 - 5).

Registration Fee details

The fee amount for registration and renewal of the FSSAI license is dependent on the selected number of years. The higher the years, the more will be the fees. The maximum renewable period for an FSSAI license is for five years.

Signature of Registering Authority

It is the concerned registration authority signature - The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

This FSSAI certificate of registration is intended exclusively for the beginning or carrying on of the food business sector and not for any other purpose.

Documents required for FSSAI Registration Certificate

  1. Photo

  2. Government issued Photo ID such as AADHAAR, PAN, Voter ID, etc.

  3. Proof of Address of Businesses activity (if the address is other than as mentioned in Photo ID Card)

How to Apply for FSSAI Registration

Follow this simple online process, in getting an FSSAI certificate

Step 1: Visit the FSSAI registration website

Step 2: Fill the registration form

Step 3: Choose the License validity as per your choice

Step 4: And make the application payment

Step 5: Your certificate will be sent by the FSSAI department within a few working days

The FSSAI Registration is the legal procedure for all Food Business Operators (FBOs) in India to apply for a certificate of healthy human consumption of the available food sold. Register Now!

Who we are -

In India, we are a private consultancy firm providing start-ups food license registry services of all sorts. For all kinds of FSSAI government registry work, our site is completely safe and reliable.

We support start-ups, business entrepreneurs, and helping owners without rushing to any government agency to get their FSSAI - Food license online. We offer a new FSSAI registration service and FSSAI renewal service at an affordable price.

If you would like to edit/modify/update the details found in the current FSSAI License, you would need to apply for a one-year license fee modification. Contact us on our private FSSAI advisory panel to provide free legal advice on relevant matters.

As you know how important it is to have the FSSAI registration certificate for your food company, many think of it as a complicated and costly operation. However, there are qualified experts who can assist you free of charge to get the FSSAI registration.

By filling the registration form at, you will contact our registration executive 24*7 customer service team free of charge.

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