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FSSAI License Online Registration, Benefits, and Process

FSSAI stands for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, which is an authority that regulates and governs India's food industry. It is an autonomous body set up under the Government of India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The FSSAI is a legal means of licensing India's Food Sector Activities. The rules and regulations for food quality control must be observed by all food industry activities. The FSSAI was set up under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSS Act), which is India's main food safety and regulatory body.

FSSAI Registration

For any person who wants to start a food business, who is involved in some kind of food products such as the manufacture, manufacturing, distribution, and selling of food products, etc., FSSAI license registration is required.

The Food License is made up of a 14-digit identification code or a license number printed on all packets of food. It includes details on the condition of assembly and the permission of the holders.

The key aim of this registration process is to make the Food Business Operators (FBO) more responsible so that they ensure the quality of food items. Food Safety & Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Business) Regulations, 2011. govern the licensing and registration process and specifications.

FSSAI License Types

FSSAI Basic Registration- The FSSAI Basic registration is for those entrepreneurs or start-ups who have a small-scale enterprise. Their turnover is expected to be below Rs.12 lakh. Dependent on company sales, this registration can be upgraded.

FSSAI State License- The FSSAI State License is meant for businesses employed in medium-sized enterprises. More than Rs. 12 Lakhs or up to Rs.20 crores can be the annual turnover. Depending on the development in company revenue, this registration can be upgraded.

FSSAI Central License- The FSSAI Central License is designed for entrepreneurs participating in a large enterprise. There should be an annual turnover above Rs. 20 crores. In cases where you need to supply food products to government offices or import/export food products, this is also required.

FSSAI License Benefits

Obtaining an FSSAI license number will provide the food industry with a list of credible and dedicated client bases to offer market recognition. It also offers legal benefits to food companies, creates trust, ensures food quality, and brings business growth.

FSSAI Registration Process

  • STEP 1: Visit the Food License Portal.

  • STEP 2: Fill in the online FSSAI application with the information needed.

  • STEP 3: To make the necessary online payment for Food License Registration.

  • STEP 4: One of our expert is going to process your request.

  • STEP 5: You can receive your FSSAI license certificate at the registered email address after the full process.

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