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FSSAI | Food License | FSSAI Registration Online

FSSAI | Food License | FSSAI Registration Online

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, which is an organization that tracks and regulates the food industry in India. It is an autonomous entity set up under the Government of India's Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The FSSAI Registration is different from the FSSAI License in that the requisite registration or license should be obtained by the FBO, depending on the size and nature of the company.

To operate a food products company, a food license is required. You have to register for the manufacture, distribution, and transport of food products under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. FSSAI is incorporated under the Government of India's Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Under the Food Safety and Standards Act, of 2006, the FSSAI was created. The FSSAI Certificate and the FSSAI License are the same, meaning that consumers can rely on consistency, purity, and other significant factors.

FSSAI License Types

License Type Eligibility Validity
FSSAI Basic License Annual turnover of the business is less than 12 lakhs 1 Year
FSSAI State License Annual turnover of the business is between 12 to 20 crores 1 To 5 Years
FSSAI Central License Annual turnover of the business is above 20 crores 1 To 5 Years

Who needed a Food License?

Every Food Business Operator is required under the FSSAI to be licensed/registered. Small businesses such as hawkers, small retailers, etc., whose annual turnover is less than Rs.12 lakhs per year, require FSSAI registration. An FSSAI License is required for all food businesses that exceed this annual turnover cap of Rs 12 lakhs per year.

You need to obtain the FSSAI State License or FSSAI Central License, as necessary, whether you are a small or large-scale business. Large producers, exporters, importers, etc. typically receive a central license, while mid-sized organizations such as transporters, traders, etc. need a state license. If your economy goes into any of the categories mentioned below, a food license is mandatory for you.

  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Storage
  • Procurement
  • Manufacture
  • Distribution
To be more elaborate, the FSSAI food license must be obtained by any individual or company that operates from farm to plate with food substances. A more comprehensive list of those that need a certificate of FSSAI registration is available here:
  • Dairy and dairy processing.
  • Food importers and exporters.
  • Processors like pickle and dry fruit makers.
  • Raw material suppliers to food businesses.
  • Retailers & establishments who have a retail outlet
  • Easy transporters who transfer products from one place to another.
  • In businesses, schools, colleges, hospitals, or government institutions, canteens.
  • Packaged food producers that manufacture products such as biscuits and ready-to-eat products.
Instead of a manufacturing license, storage units, and warehouses require a food safety registration.
  • Hotels
  • Wholesaler
  • Restaurants
  • Food chains
  • Food sellers and resellers

Benefits of FSSAI License

  • The license enables companies to improve and increase their reputation.
  • The FSSAI logo is commonly known and can therefore ensure goodwill among customers.
  • Streamlines all the processes involved in food products, from cultivation to distribution and sale.
  • When FSSAI registration is involved, the significant aspects of hygiene and cleanliness are regulated and followed.
  • The license or registration provides a platform for the manufacture of quality food products that are compliant with international food standards.
  • The license positively influences the company's reliability and efficiency, giving it a huge opportunity to expand and develop.
  • For the export of food products to other countries, an FSSAI license is necessary.

FSSAI License Document

  • Latest Passport-sized photograph of the applicant
  • Address Proof- Telephone or Mobile Bill/ Electricity or Gas Bill)
  • Copy of Rent Agreement and NOC letter from the Landlord (if rented)
  • Identification proof (voter ID card or Aadhaar Card)
  • Copy of Property papers (if owned)
  • PAN Card


FSSAI fee only Rs 1799 is available through our portal. This is the fee for the registration service to get the company a food license.

FSSAI Registration Process

The FSSAI registration process is simple and easy steps, follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the Website for FSSAI Registration

  • Step 2: Fill in all the FSSAI Registration Form details

  • Step 3: Make an online payment for your application for FSSAI Registration

  • Step 4: Your FSSAI Registration / Food License will be processed by one of the registration executives.

  • Step 5: You will obtain your Food License certificate at your registered email address within a few working days.

If you have any more concerns or doubts, please contact the FSSAI Registration Experts, who will quickly resolve all your issues.

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