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Reasons Why Renewal of FSSAI License Gets Rejected and How to Troubleshoot Them

Food businesses in India are mandated to renew their FSSAI License before it expires to continue operations legally. However, the renewal application can get rejected due to various gaps or issues. This extensive guide covers the major reasons for the rejection of FSSAI renewal applications along with troubleshooting tips and solutions to get approval.

Reasons Why FSSAI License Renewal Gets Rejected

  1. Mismatch in Supporting Documents
  2. Any mismatch between details provided in the application form and supporting documents can lead to rejection. Common discrepancies include incorrect business names, address mismatches, promoter name spelling errors, etc. Cross-check all information thoroughly before submission.

  3. Non-Compliance with FSSAI Regulations
  4. If serious non-compliance regarding safety, hygiene, or standards regulations is observed during past inspections, renewal may be rejected. Provide proof of rectification and current compliance.

  5. Pending Fee Payments
  6. All licensing and inspection-related fee payments should be cleared prior to renewal. Submit payment receipts and zero pending dues declaration.

  7. Failure to Submit Essential Documents
  8. Not providing mandatory documents like previous license copies, food safety records, address proof, Form C, etc. can make the application incomplete leading to rejection.

  9. Major Changes to Business Not Declared
  10. If major changes to business like changes in location, promoters, and activities are not disclosed, renewal gets rejected. Form C must capture the latest details.

  11. Serious Safety or Hygiene Lapses
  12. Discovery of any serious safety, hygiene, or food standards violation during renewal scrutiny can warrant immediate rejection of the application.

  13. Non-Operational Business
  14. If the business is dormant or non-operational for a prolonged time can also attract rejection as the active license is given only for functioning businesses.

  15. Issues with Documents Like Improper Signing or Stamping
  16. Documents without an authorized signatory name, stamp, and signature or with incomplete information lead to direct rejection.

Troubleshooting Tips to Get FSSAI Renewal Approved

  • Carefully review the rejection reason mentioned and plug gaps accordingly.
  • Match all details exactly in the application form, enclosures, current licenses, etc.
  • Ensure all due payments are made and declarations are provided. Keep receipts.
  • Provide pending documents and explain any deviations or changes.
  • Undertake corrective actions on any major non-compliance observed earlier.
  • Share proofs and declarations that current processes meet all FSSAI norms.
  • If the business is dormant, provide a valid reason or restart operations to reapply.
  • Get all documents completed meticulously with proper stamps and signatures.
  • Consult FSSAI-empaneled consultants or lawyers if needed.
  • Persistently follow up by highlighting actions taken on gaps until approval is secured.

Persistently follow up by highlighting actions taken on gaps until approval is secured.

FAQs Related to FSSAI License Renewal

  1. Can we renew the FSSAI license after it expires
  2. Yes, an expired FSSAI license can still be renewed up to 3 months after expiry by submitting the renewal application online along with a late fee payment. Post 3 months, a fresh application is needed.

  3. What are the FSSAI guidelines for expired products?
  4. As per FSSAI, the sale of food products past the expiry date is prohibited. Expired stocks need to be immediately pulled out from shelves and safely discarded.

  5. What is the cost of an FSSAI license for 5 years?
  6. For a 5-year Central FSSAI license, the fee is ₹7500 for manufacturers/processors and ₹2000 for storage/warehousing businesses. State license fee varies across states.

  7. How do I check if my FSSAI License is valid?
  8. You can check your FSSAI license status online instantly by entering the 14-digit number in ‘License Search’ section on the FSSAI verification website.

  9. Is an inspection required for FSSAI registration?
  10. Yes, a mandatory inspection of the food business premises is conducted by FSSAI officers before granting registration to ensure infrastructure and process compliance.


Identifying the exact point of rejection and then systematically addressing the gaps through appropriate documentation, compliance updates, and profound follow-up is key to getting the FSSAI renewal online application approved successfully.

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