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Renewing and Upgrading Your FSSAI License | A Comprehensive Guide

The FSSAI license and registration certificates issued to food businesses in India have defined validity periods ranging from 1-5 years. Renewing the FSSAI certificate before expiry is pivotal for seamless operations. Upgrading to another license category allows for undertaking expanded business activities. This extensive guide covers the end-to-end process, documents, and fees for renewing expiring FSSAI licenses and upgrading to new license types.

When to Start the FSSAI Renewal Process?

Irrespective of license validity, food businesses should initiate the renewal application on the online FSSAI portal between 30-60 days prior to the expiration date. This buffer period allows sufficient time for application processing and any query clarification. It prevents last-minute hassles if the license lapses. Application submitted after expiry attracts late fees.

Documents Needed for Renewing FSSAI License

The key documents food businesses need to have ready before starting the online FSSAI renewal application include:

Copy of existing FSSAI license certificate
Updated municipal trade license from local authority
Food Safety Management System audit records
Photos of food premises including storage areas
NOC from the municipality if location layout changes
Water testing potability certificate from an accredited lab
GST registration certificate
List of food category items if amended
Proof of fee payments for inspections etc.
Authority letter if applying through third party

Key Steps to Renew Expiring FSSAI License Online

1. Login using registered credentials on FSSAI's Food Safety Compliance System.

2. Under the FSSAI License Renewal section, fill in the requisite business and license details.

3. Declare any changes to the product profile, promoters, activities, etc.

4. Upload scanned copies of supporting documents as applicable.

5. Pay the renewal license fee online via accepted payment gateways.

6. Download the renewed certificate reflecting updated validity post-approval.

7. Prominently display renewed license copy at all business premises.

When is FSSAI License Upgrade Needed?

FSSAI license upgrade becomes necessary if the food business plans to:

Expand manufacturing/trading activities to new food categories

Undertake inter-state sales requiring a Central license

Commence import or export of edible food products

Increase production or warehouse storage volume requiring a higher license type

Types of FSSAI License Upgrades

The main scenarios warranting FSSAI license upgrade include:

From State to Central License

From Milk Selling to Dairy Processing License

From Retail to Importer License

From Storage/Warehouse to Manufacturing License

From Basic Hygiene Rating to Higher Hygiene Rating

Documents Required for Upgrading FSSAI License

Key documents needed when applying to upgrade the FSSAI license type are:
  • Current valid FSSAI license
  • Proof of expanded business activity necessitating upgrade
  • Updated premises and equipment photos
  • Product formula and testing reports if adding new food items
  • Fresh municipal health trade license
  • Latest GMP audit reports
  • NOC from local authority if location changes
  • Label specimens of new products
  • Applicable fee payment receipts

Steps for Applying for FSSAI License Upgrade

1. Submit an upgrade application under the designated category online.

2. Provide all details of new activities, products, food categories, etc.

3. Upload the mandatory supporting documents.

4. Pay the prescribed upgrade fee based on the new license type.

5. Allow inspection of premises and supply chain ecosystem.

6. Obtain an upgraded new license with enhanced scope.

By planning upgrades and renewals well in advance, food businesses can transition seamlessly to the appropriate FSSAI license covering their current scale and scope of operations. Maintaining an active, updated certificate is vital for compliant, uninterrupted functioning.

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